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[25 Apr 2008|05:56pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

  NECRA meeting  4/25/08  start: 3:40  end: 4:15

Attendance: Erin, Korbey, Isk (OMG), Dave, Kristy, Nick, Coco, John M, Samantha, Geoff, Wilson, Chuck, Casarra, Mike.

People lose the game!   -Don't look at cars or you will lose!
                                   - Good Job Coco: You lose!

There was no training this week.  It will take place on Tuesday at 6:30 in East.

OMG---Campus was busy this week.    It sucked to be Korbey this week.  :(
                   -NECRA gave Korbey the clap (or did necra clap for Korbey....idk)
                   -  Korbey needs hugs.... the hugging will commence after the meeting!

FYI=  Return all things to NECRA library!  If you don't Wilson will find  you and curb stomp you.....ouch!

Can Geoff keep the Call of Cthulu book over the summer?
    votes---  yes=10    no=0  abstentions= 1

Can Korbey keep boffer weapons over the summer?......oh wait
Wilson proposes we allow anyone that wants to keep stuff over the summer as long as they sign everything out and reimburse the club if anything breaks/gets lost/ruined.
     votes----  yes=12  no=0  abstentions=1

Nick makes it so there can not be unanimous wins-----nick loses!

The Calling Larp:
Leaves tonite  6:30   hope everyone has fun!!!

Museum of Science:
           Chuck= The Butterfly Man
           Wilson is a moose ( noone knew until the pictures were revealed!  How could u keep such a 
                     secret from us all?)
           Sam= always confused look on her face!
           Erin= Crazy driver or amazing driver???
           Trip was successfull people had fun= Wo0t
           5 ppl did not show= losers
           Wendys= Popular to NECRA
*NECRA rides the short bus  haha!

We need to plan another trip next year!

No Budget Update.   Next year could be promising though!

Constitution= DONE!!!
      good job.  Copies are located in the NECRA library if you would like to see them.

Mike likes to arrive late!!!! >:o  = angry face

    - Meeting Tuesday after E-board if interested.
    -  1st weekend of may.

NECRA Cookout:
            -  Korbey will be getting the food for the carnivors!
            -  Cookout will be at 1:00 ish  Friday May 2nd.
            -   Food:   
                     * Bugers/Dogs
                     *Veggie alternatives
                     * Chips (Dorritos, popcorn, regular, salt and vinager)
                     * Soda ( Mt. Dew, Ginger Ale, Coke, Water, Tang)
                     * Veggie/ Fruit platters
            - All reciepts for supplies give to Kristy to reimburse you next year!
            - Boffer fights will happen!!!! BE PREPARED!
            - $$ to help pay for cookout would be helpful due to our money is gone.   If you would like
              to help you can give money to Kristy at the Eboard meeting...or at the cookout.

           -  "Just Us Four"  concert Monday May 5th in the Great Room.... Go support Coco and Erin
                     Coco's last performance :'(  =  crying face
           -  Sunday May 4th=  Becky runnign a level 10 game **No evil 
           - Franklin Pierce College is holding a science fiction convention some guy from star wars
               will be there if u wanna go.
           -  Nick likes chicken
           - Erin yays for nick liking chicken.
           -  Apparently John Moran can predict the future.....who knew

Meeting ends! 

There is no Article 9

Minutes for 4/18/08 [18 Apr 2008|04:33pm]

attendance: Jess, Chuck, Dave S., Erin, Kyle, Geoff, Casarra, Kristy, Coco, Adam, Gordon, Pat, Mike, John W., Nick, John K., Isk, Samantha, Becky, Kristina, Sam


  1. Wow, Geoff cut his hair.
  2. Vicky votes for Palpatine.
  3. Suggestion: put D&D 4.0 in the budget
  4. VP is tired
  5. Please return all NECRA library stuff back. *cough* Isk and Dave *cough*
  6. The next calling is next weekend.
  7. Museum of science is tomorrow. Meet at 9am in front of the Simon Center.
  8. Guitar hero tourney was relatively successful. Enough people to have one loser, I mean, honorable mention. Word was people wanted to do it again.
  9. Stardust had about 20 people that went.
  10. NECRA budget wins. Yay for Geoff. Procrastination = more NECRA funds. If NECRA is willing to allow the possibility for other first floor east members for more money. 13 for 0 against 2 abstentions. BBQ is on may 2nd at picnic table island
  11. We don’t have the constitution… whoops.
  12. Activities fair on Monday. We had 7 people. Mobs of larpers, woo.
  13. NERO after the cookout. If you are interested see Erin.
  14. Elections! The results!
    1. President – John Korbey
    2. VP - Geoff
    3. Treasurer - Kristy
    4. Secretary – Casarra
    5. Senate Rep – John Moran
  1. New eboard members, meeting Tuesday at 6:30 in east.
  2. Congratulations to everyone!



  1. Korbey is the third john to be a president
  2. Sam’s birthday tomorrow! Yay. (hes ooold :D)
  3. Nick likes chicken
  4. Dave likes Chinese food. Isk seconds it, Erin thirds it.
  5. Anyone in Korbeys game tonight talk to him.
  6. Nick misses becky’s game. Awwww.
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Minutes for 4/11/2008 [14 Apr 2008|04:06pm]


Attendance: Jess, Kristina, Gus, Adam, Chuck, Kyle, Erin, Geoff, Nick, Dave S., Becky, John W., Gordon, Mike, John K., John M., Casarra, Sam, Kristy, Samantha


  1. John doesn’t consider himself a miserable failure during the block party. Apparently penguin’s pwn. Geoff’s games went well, but the block party overall could have used more umph. It wasn’t much of a party.
  2. The calling was interesting. Things needed work, but it was fun. Everyone got a lot “closer”. Korbey had a horrible time, but Adam is eager to contradict him. Kristina had a really good first time at a larp, and everyone should go next time.
  3.  Museum of science trip is next Saturday. Meet at the Simon center at 9 or 10am. Email will be sent out.
  4. No dunk tank for spring weekend, not enough time to order it.
  5. Guitar hero tournament tonight at the sayce lounge at 8. prizes are gift certificates of your choice.
  6. Stardust is tomorrow at 7pm in the great room.
  7. We have $4.84 left in our budget after all expenses. Woo.
  8.  Gordon is VPSD (vice president of student development) in senate. *clap clap clap*
  9. Activities fair. We might have a table. In the event we do get it, we need volunteers. Kyle, Kristina, John W, and John M.
  10. Woo we have a constitution. *applause* amendments were added in, things have been organized, and there are still typos, whoops. Email Moran if you find typos.
  11. Open Games: Gordon is starting a werewolf game, anyone interested talk to Gordon. Becky still has slots open for her dragon game. No larps are definitely planned for the future.
  12. NERO is the same day as the end of the year party. Erin will organize a trip to go if anyone is going to NERO.
  13. We found the battle mats, but the markers are missing. Remainder of the budget is spend, except $0.18
  14. Nominations. See separate document. Think about your speeches!



  1. Today is Kristina’s last day at the bookstore. *pout* Adam looks like a sad puppy. But she will be down every weekend.
  2. Nick likes chicken
  3. Happy birthday to Jess. Woo.
  4. Blue cone likes chicken? (blue cone must die)
  5. Dave S., will edit constitution and reprint copies.
  6. Michael still has the john cook-off token.
  7. Yay for Chinese.
  8. Kristina will beat you up if you don’t get Jess a birthday present. XD
  9. welcome to the house of Jackson. ???


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Minutes for 3/28/2008 [28 Mar 2008|03:51pm]


Attendance: Jess, Pat, John K., Dave S., Mullet, Erin, Geoff, Coco, Gus, Adam, Gordon, Chris, John W., Bill, John M., Casarra, Samantha, Kristy, Nick


  1. The old list from the museum of science trip was found. Woo. Non students, pay $15 to Moran if you haven’t paid your student activities fee.
  2. Spring weekend. We are all set for Stardust. Megan is going to find other clubs to go in on the dunk tank. She is also getting back to us on a guitar hero tourney during the weekend,
  3. Everything’s fine with the budget
  4. The constitution is still being worked on. They received the three amendments.
  5. Still plenty of slots opened if you want to sign up for games.
  6. The NECRA battle map is missing. If you know its whereabouts please let someone know. Remember, you need to sign out things from the library.


  1. Dave’s block party game running in the sayce lounge at 5. plenty of slots open.
  2. Samantha’s game is running in the coffeehouse, so there is a free room.
  3. The calling is next weekend. They are leaving before the NECRA meeting. Be ready by 3:30. meet in front of the Simon center.
  4. Nick likes chicken
  5. Sunday is Bill’s birthday. Get-together Sunday afternoon at his house, ice cream cake, and other foods and beverages will be served. Everyone is invited.
  6. The play “A grand night for singing” tomorrow at 8, Sunday at 3 in carriage. Tickets are $5.
  7. Kyle is running a star wars game. See him if you would like a character.
  8. Wilson’s block party game might be 30 minutes late.
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minutes [21 Mar 2008|04:28pm]


Minutes 3.21.08


Attendance: Jess, Kristina, Pat, Chuck, Gordon, Erin, Mullet, Dave S., Zach, Amanda, Becky, Geoff, John K., Casarra, John M., John W., Coco, Nick, Kristy, Bill, Sam, Samantha, OMG Cubed is here!


  1. Annette still hasn’t gotten her money yet for the boffers, so she technically owns them. Therefore, we are just going to buy them from her. Much easier. XD
  2. Spring weekend (April 11-13), the lazer tag is $1500; the dunk tank is $400. Another group wants to do a movie with us. Vote for dunk tank to split with another club: 12 against: 0 abstentions: 3
  3. Constitution meetings. Went over constitution, made minor revisions, grammar fixing, simplified things and made it consistent. Still need to add voted amendments. Still waiting for senate to see what their constitution says.
  4. $1718 spent this semester.
  5. Dave is running a ravenloft game sometime. If interested talk to him
  6. Kyle is running a star wars d20 system. Would be a fairly long campaign.
  7. Becky is running a one shot lvl 10 d&d game.
  8. If anyone wants to run a one shot, talk to Gordon.
  9. Larps…hopefully.
  10. Block party signups, schedule will be posted in the necra library.



1. Nick likes chicken

2. Greek weekend is coming up, there is going to be another scvanger hunt. The idea is to have a themed team to hunt for things. The knights from monty python and the holy grail.

3. “Those blacks will kill you” >_< (in reference to black cigarrettes)

4. the calling meeting this Monday night, 7pm charter classroom.

5. Cubed showed up!

6. Zach’s bday is today, woo

7. freshmen are cool?

8. Dave is trying to pump up his block party d&d game

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[07 Mar 2008|04:09pm]


Minutes for 3/7/08


Attendance: Jess, Kristina, Pat. Geoff, Becky, Dave S., Erin, Mullet, Tom, Sam, Hiroto, Nick, Kristy, Casarra, Bill, John W., Coco, Cody


  2. If alumni pay the activities fee, they do not have to pay for the trip. If they didn’t, they have to pay for the trip.
  3. Haven’t heard anything about lazer tag and dunk-a-nerd
  4. One more constitution meeting, then it will be presented to eboard and the club.
  5. De-stressor was wicked fun.
  6. Block party march 28 and 29th. Be here next Friday for signups.




  1. PIE!
  2. nick likes chicken.
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NECRA minutes for 2/29/2008 [29 Feb 2008|04:06pm]



Attendance: Jess, Geoff, Becky, Chuck, Tom, Mullet, Erin, Kristy, Samantha, Kristina, Gus, Dave S., Chris, John M., Casarra, Gordon, Nick, John K., John W., Coco


  1. Boston trip – asking Joe P. on who has to pay fee’s and who doesn’t. Will find out next week final ticket count
  2. Movie night update! We are now on the Saturday of spring weekend. Movie at 9pm. Dunk Tank is being looked into. Chuckles at the dunk-a-nerd. Other clubs showed interest in joining in on laser tag with us.
  3. Constitution meeting. Going very well. They went over the entire constitution, reworded and grammared it. A copy will be at eboard on Tuesday.
  4. De-stressor has been confirmed for next Thursday march 6th at 7pm in the sayce lounge. Free food will be there! We have all three rooms for the block party (March 28-29th) as well. For the newbs, a block party is a weekend of gaming where DM’s sign up for time slots, and players sign up for their games. And the room for NERO night has been confirmed.
  5. Geoff is a slacker. He has no chess update
  6. No warhammer this week due to Frisbee.
  7. Plans in the works for A werewolf larp, probably not until next semester, Gordon and Jay will be running it.
  8. NECRA is all set with membership fees for the calling, April 4-6 and the last week of April. Talk to Gordon if you have any questions.
  9. Kyle is considering using rubber band guns for his fallout larp to make things interesting. John: No projectiles in the library. D’oh. Fallout is back in purgatory.
  10. Erin, Becky and Gordon is still doing a guitar hero tourney possibly during spring weekend.
  11. Pie day! Next Friday, woooo. Random assortment of pies for the win. Pie requests after the meeting.



  1. Yay re-re-re-re-re-opened Chinese restaurant. It is apparently tasty and relatively cheap.
  2. Dave is running a one shot D&D game if anyone is interested.
  3. Korbey’s game tomorrow might not be running.
  4. If Alex doesn’t show up tonight, Gordon will run a game.
  5. Be where you need to be by 9pm tonight, it is supposed to snow a foot.
  6. Mario Kart is awesome. And nick likes chicken.
  7. Sayce Lounge 7-8:30 V for Vendetta with free food and drinks.
  8. Chinese food run after the meeting? Mmm, Chinese food…nomnomnom
  9. Next Wednesday is NEC idol competition in the great room at 8pm. Come and support our president.
  10. This Monday there will be several Iraqi dignitaries talking to students in Gilmore about life in the U.S
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minutes for 2/22/08 [22 Feb 2008|04:44pm]


Attendance: Jess, Cody, Becky, Action Hank, Mullet, Erin, Dave S., tom, dave K., isk, Kristina, Coco, John W., Gus, Geoff, Adam, Chris, John K., Hiroto, Bill, Nick, Kristy, Samantha, Sam, Sarah


  1. Female Orgasm! Woo awesome =D.
  2. Happy birthday John and Annette!
  3. Eboard has moved to east. Everyone is welcome to come if you want to know what’s going on and if you have any input. No voting though. Every Tuesday at 6:30
  4. We have a bus for the museum of science. People in favor of March 15: 2 in favor of April 19: 13. Trip is April 19th! Buses fit 15 people. If we have more than 15 people, cars can be volunteered and you will be reimbursed for gas.
  5. A few concerns on voting. Alumni’s eligibility to get funding from NECRA. Also, voting that dictates where money goes. Starting to look like alumni will not be able to vote on club activities that require funds. Also covers NECRA politics. Alumni also may or may not be able to vote on elections. We are still looking into what senate is talking about.
  6. April 17th for the movie stardust, either at 7pm or 9pm. Cost would be about $300. If we do it in the fall, we could do it outside and have the $3000 covered for having it outside.   
  7. Constitution meeting update. Dave, casarra, and isk plowed through half of the constitution, clarified terms and fixed grammar. They will go to eboard on Tuesday to look over, then back to the club on Friday.
  8. Rooms have been reserved for a nero night, block party, and the destressor. Dates TBA.
  9. Forms are in the NECRA library if you have an event you want to plan.
  10. Treasurer meeting on Thursday. We are all set with our budget. There was more discussion about budget policy. Talked about ‘ethical reform’, trying to get to spend money for the whole school, instead for just our club/senate trying to fix mistakes they made. Talk to Geoff if you have any comments or questions on the policy.
  11. Chess tournament. Geoff needs help with a Facebook. Gus: have a chess tournament over Facebook.
  12. Vampire Larp. Date TBA
  13. Pie week! Pie day is during spring break. The committee was thinking having a lot of pies on the meeting before spring break.




  1. starting this Saturday, Sam is running a mage game. He can take up to 3 more.
  2. Anyone interested in going to the calling either as a pc or npc should come to a meeting sunday night at 6 in the coffeehouse
  3. Sadie says hi
  4. Isk isnt running his game, Alex is a liar.
  5. Fallout larp is in purgatory. Kyle is also putting a star wars D20 game out there. If interested, talk to Kyle.
  6. beckys dragon game, this Sunday 7pm in pathways
  7. dave k.: can we have a fire in the library please? John will work on it.
  8. Korbey might run a game tonight if there is interest.
  9. Tug of war! Tomorrow at 12:30 pm in the simon center. There is a prize involved. Be there or be [  ].
  10. nick likes chicken and ze upper cut!
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[12 Feb 2008|06:35pm]


Attendance: Jess, Kristina, Pat, Annette, Isk, Dave K, Dave S., Erin, Becky, Cody, Gordon, Action Hank, Nick, Geoff, Coco, John, Gus, Chris, John M., Casarra, Kristy, Samantha, Mullet, Sam


  1. Museum of science trip. Wooo. Email has been sent for info. They said no special rate for college kids, but group rate for 20+ people, cost $16 a person, less than 20 people $17 a person. Adding on any fun show things add on $4 per person. Most expensive group rate, exhibit plus 2 shows, $24. Trip sometime in March on the weekend after spring break. Decided on one exhibition one show. People who definitely want to go: 17.  
  2. No suggestion box comments. Dave k.: put some shows on hippie (to cody).
  3. Movie night! Korbey is still talking to Megan about stardust for spring weekend. Possible dunk a nerd, or pie a nerd, challenge NECRA at laser tag.
  4. Another packet party… sometime soon.
  5. NERO last weekend! Dave K. Korbey and Wilson ordered people around. Wilson had a 15-minute conversation about bacon. Olive colored babies? Wilson fell in the river. Coco was a while unicorn, freaking sweet. Food was good.
  6. Local storage units. If senate works out in our favor, then we won’t need one. Info TBA anyway
  7. Korbey isn’t here again… so info on NEC larp in the woods next week!
  8. Geoff will email chess rules
  9. Warhammer Thursdays, call Moran, Korbey, Gus, or Wilson if you want to play.
  10. Isk D&D game on Friday. There is no list, everyone is welcome. Next week on Friday after the meeting character generation with Isk.
  11. Gordon one shot D&D tonight
  12. Dave S.: Monday evening super Mario d20 game. Currently open. When and where TBA. Also running a D&D game tonight.
  13. Bill’s very tentative date for his Larp feb 23rd, Pats larp next Saturday the 16th
  14. Guitar hero tournament. Everyone plays 5 songs of a 3rd party’s picking, stick with one difficulty. Raw scores are added up and winners are determined.
  15. Pie week. No one showed up to the meeting. O_o. more feasible for a pie day instead of a week. Pie events throughout the week and all day pie eating. Try to get the coffeehouse for the day. Good planning so far. Woo
  16. Block party. When do we want it? TBA
  17. Senate stuff… blah blah blah… no constitution, blah, stuff happened, blah blah blah, people got upset, disbanded house of reps, omgwtfbbq. Yesterday, John and Gordon fixed stuff. Today’s senate meeting, get rid of senate constitution completely and start over. Meetings are Fridays at 12:30 if you are interested in helping out with the constitution (tentative). Any rumors you hear, squash it.



  1. end game and NERO may 2-4, valiant may 9-11, the calling April 4-6. See Gordon if you want to PC or NPC.
  2. There are miniatures now. Guys at the store apparently talked about issuing a 10% discount card to members. Plymouth state is hosting something related to gaming eventually. They are weird according to Wilson’s friend.
  3. A committee to look over our constitution and adding necessary amendments. Committee members: Casarra, Moran, Gordon, Wilson, Isk, Dave S (editor)
  4. thanks to Kusy for the miniatures. And thank you Isk
  5. Nick likes chicken
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minutes for 2/1/08 [01 Feb 2008|06:11pm]


Attendance: Jess, Kristina, Pat, John, Coco, Chuck, Chris, Erin, Mullet, Sam, Becky, Cody, Geoff, John M., Casarra, Gus, Nick, Kristy, Bill, Gordon, Dave S., Sarah


  1. Confusion! As far as trips go… Do we have enough money to go on al three? Research all three for prices.
  2. movie night! Drive in or indoor movie? Once again, money issues. And silly new England weather. Drive in: 0      indoor: 20     abstentions: 3. indoor it is.

Shall we have it on spring weekend? For: 10 against: 1 abstentions: 3

  1. Saw 4 tonight. Either in sayce lounge or in the coffee house at 8pm. Check sayce first.
  2. We have close to 200 packets out of 3 yards of material. Thank you to all who made packets. Woo! There will be a packet party part deux. Sometime this month…
  3. We will be back in the library next week.
  4. NERO event tomorrow. Leaving at eight in the morning O_o. Game on is at noon.
  5. The calling! First event is April 4-6. Gordon will be doing an information night, maybe after spring break.
  6. Solution that we may have for necra solution. For the summer, a local storage unit. $99 for the whole summer. Things get really damp in storage. Also, do we want to use the budget or out of our own pockets? We shall look into storageness.
  7. Larp in the woods? Korbey had an idea of bringing a larp to NEC. We would ask for donations. Setting up our own storyline, inviting people outside of NEC, one giant fundraiser. Would probably be a day event. Korbey will get more into it when he is here next week. If we use NERO rules, we need permission, and it has to be completely non-profit.
  8. Heather Chabot is trying to get a bunch of clubs together to raise money to get a speaker, Jennifer Boylan. For: 7 Against: 5 abstentions: 9 Killed by apathy.
  9. Geoff’s Chess tournament! It is a ladder format. You start with a certain amount of points, and you go either up or down in rank. At the moment, it is just opened to NECRA. Geoff will be giving more information later. There are no prizes yet.
  10. War hammer. They want to find a date where people are semi free…
  11. larps! Pat’s larp will be running his mortals larp in the library feb. 16th 6pm. (and he really means 6 o clock) see pat if you want more info.

Bill’s larp: no set date. Tentative date, feb 23rd. there may or may not be a t-rex this time.

Kyle is still looking for people interested in his fallout larp. Talk to him if you want to play.

  1. Pie week! There is a fight over the last piece of blueberry pie. What kind of pie don’t we want to see? Mince meat both vegetarian and regular. Do we want to sell pies, give away pies, or just eat pies, or make surprise pies with icky stuff in them? Con the school into making a weeklong event of pie? So many questions! >_< Gordon shall be pie man! Kristina, Becky, Chuck, and Bill shall help Gordon. Yay pie committee.
  2. Guitar hero tourney? Becky and Gordon must converse…
  3. John has a couple of slots in a game he might be running. People who are either running games or who aren’t in any games. Poke John.
  4. Geoff’s evil game signups!
  5. Cody: riddle of steel



  1. chuck has a rugged beard. We should change his name to action hank! For: 15 against: 1  abstentions: some number. Welcome action hank!
  2. Anyone who is in Becky’s game, talk to her.
  3. See Kyle if you want to be in his larp
  4. Coco needs 6 strong people or all of the coffeehouse employees. Jess: damnit.
  5. Nick likes chicken
  6. 5 damage by fire. Oh noes burning trashcan!
  7. Geoff likes scythes
  8. Go pats!
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1/25/08 [25 Jan 2008|04:21pm]


Attendance: Jess, Kristina, Cody, Becky, Samantha, Chuck, Chris, Erin, Kyle, Geoff, Casarra, John M., John K., Cass, Coco, Gordon, Adam, John W., Nick, Gus, Sean, Dave S., Kristy, Bill, Pat, Sam, Sarah


  1. Happy new year everyone! Welcome back!
  2. Nice haircut Korbey
  3. Yay Adam’s back! You fail at cell phones and lose your spot.
  4. Wooo new necra member! Her name is Cass. W00t.
  5. Coco worked over vacation, Mullet made a car out of wood, John found out how to insult Kyle 5 times without saying his name.
  6. Activities fair on Wednesday. We supposedly recruited one person. However, they’re not here, fail. Coco recruited cody. Kristina wins at recruiting.
  7. No suggestion box comments. New suggestions: Pie week! Dave thanks Erin and Geoff for necra shirts. Shrine in jays likeness made out of tang 30 ft tall. John suggests we come up with better suggestions. Geothermal power with magma.
  8. Yay shirts! Korbey models new shirt off. Sexy. The company sent us a thank you letter. We are that awesome.
  9. Eboard is starting to organize the three trips we voted on. No monkey knife fights.
  10. Korbey will be working to get rights to stardust. If this goes well, we might get more movies for cheaper prices. Korbey will make a ton of posters if people are willing to hand them out. Possible advertising on the front billboard. Facebook is also a good way to advertise. Looking into possible places where we should hold the movie.
  11. Erin is trying to talk to Asa for NECRA armory possibilities. Korbey offered his room. Temporarily put things in the WNEC closet. Even more short term solution, build a snow fort. We need the college to like us more, so! (see L.)
  12. Kristina has a community service project in the works with the girl scouts. They are looking for people to help get toiletries and other things. Another easy project, go to the red river theatres to volunteer to rip tickets and do movie things. Perhaps do a book drive.
  13. Unofficial movie night for Saw 4. More details to follow
  14. Pat says Dragonlance blows.
  15. Packet party! Various larps require packets, (birdseed wrapped in cloth). You sit around making them and watching movies. Next Friday 1pm maybe in the coffee house until NECRA meeting starts. If not the coffee house, then sayce lounge.
  16. NERO! Saturday, Feb 2nd one day only. NPC thing. It’s a big feast since the world exploded. Small mini plots for the whole day rather than crunching. See John W. or coco or chuck or jess or Adam if you want to go.



  1. Chess tournament. Geoff will send around sign up sheet next week.
  2. Warhammer It’s awesome. Meeting time and place is still TBA. See adam if interested.
  3. Dave S. is starting a game in two weeks. Over online voice chat. Two spots available. Anything from books Dave is familiar with.
  4. Cody has a D&D game open, and a new game, riddle of steel. D10 system with 2d6.
  5. Becky is starting a dragon game in a couple of weeks. Talk to Becky if interested.
  6. Geoff is considering an epic evil game later.
  7. Bill has a larp that should theoretically be running at the end of next month. 23rd of feb is the tentative date.
  8. Pat will be making an announcement next week.
  9. Kyles final freakin attempt to promote fallout. See Kyle if interested.
  10. Nick likes chicken. Where did his hair go?
  11. Guitar Hero tournaments! Coming soon.
  12. Seans back.
  13. Dave has a fun board game, blokus. If you want to play go see him.
  14. City of heroes is a very fun MMORPG. You should play.
  15. Dave had French toast this morning, it was delicious.
  16. The calling. First one is April 4-6
  17. Adam has declared war. It’s on.
  18. Gordon delays the meeting for 5 seconds!
  19. Gus is going to have a movie night, but aaron has sidetracked him into a cooler idea.
  20. Nick likes chicken, again
  21. Geoff likes scythes.
  22. John likes inside jokes
There is no Article 9

[07 Dec 2007|06:44pm]


Attendance: Jess, Geoff, Samantha, Becky, Dave S., Erin, Gus, Annette, Bama, Coco, Michael, Chris, Kristy, Dave K., Casarra, John M., Bill, Sarah, Gordon, John W., kylre, Kristina, Sam, Nick

15-5-0 vote is repealed for going to France.

Gus is running a sci-fi/fantasy movie night Thursdays 7:30 in the sayce lounge next semester

John M says tang and lemon lime soda is good.

Golden compass tonight! We are leaving at 8:30 from the simon center

Gordon delays the meeting. Whoever steals that from gorgon again there will be a nerf duel outside. Jess, Wilson, and cubed are the only ones.

John gets a present! *round of applause*

Sam allows geoff to sit on erins lap.

Geoff is eating the incense, and he looooves his Hello Kitty bag

Kusy got a 28, not that s a25, korbey missed


Yay party! Happy Holidays everyone!

There is no Article 9

Minutes for 11.30.2007 [30 Nov 2007|04:28pm]


Attendance: Jess, Erin, Kristina, Gus, Michael, Bill, Sarah, Coco, Dave K., John W., Kristy, Geoff, Becky, Nick, Pat, Sam, John K., John M.


  1. Hostage situation in Rochester, NH. at a Hilary campaign spot. As of now, he let the hostages go.
  2. Movie night. Geoff is talking to Megan about Stardust.
  3. We got a thank you letter for participating at the open house from the school. They love us, they really love us…
  4. Senate news: John laughs.
  5. Treasurer meeting December 4th at 8:30 in the sayce lounge. You are encouraged to go if you can. Still no word about the old constitution from Tim.
  6. If you have a problem with someone, just talk to them. It saves for stress we can use for schoolwork.
  7. If people want to see certain things next semester, or any concerns and comments, let us know. John wants to see monkeys. Pie week! Pizza/food at meetings, pie year? Nerf stuff doesn’t happen anymore, fix it.
  8. Gus will be starting movie night. See Gus on what day you want it.
  9. NECRA t-shirts! There is a pending order, all we need is a response from finance. We have $2,600 left for the semester.  We spent about $700. Money requested for LARP and root beer, and cheapo plastic miniatures. Vote for dave to buy miniatures: 17-1-1. Vote passes. 
  10. A happy birthday NECRA party?
  11. Destresser coming up Sunday Dec 9th  at 5pm. Vote for destresser to happen: 16-0-2. vote passes. Vote to have it on the 9th: 15-1-2. Vote passes.
  12. Open games: Dave K. is running an old school changling game. Billy and Gus are thinking of co-running a superhero game, but they have no ides what they are doing. Cody is starting a new game, Riddle of steel, strictly roleplaying, medeval setting.
  13. Bill’s larp is tomorrow! Be at the New England room at 5. If you don’t have a character and need one, see Bill like, now.
  14. Secret santa party is next Friday. Meet in front of the simon center at 2:15 if you want to help get food. Food suggestions: Cake, Ice cream cake, Pizza (cheese, mushroom, bacon and garlic, pepperoni, mushroom and pepperoni, Hawaiian, chicken and meatball, broccoli, chicken), jello shots, a huge subway sub, tang, water. No playing naked Risk.
  15. Korbey’s Yankee swap is being held after the secret santa.
  16. One more vote. Trips!


Mount cardigan NH for a day hike         6

Museum of science                                16

Jordan’s furniture and ride their roller coaster and movie    13

Plymouth state college role-playing convention                    3

Planetarium in concord                                                           12

Camping at sarahs idea                                                 8

Taco bell trip                                                                           5

Six Flags New England                                                          12

Icon, long island                                                                        3                                                                                  

Canabie lake park                                                                    13

 Kyle’s aunts house in Maine for canoeing and rope swinging  3

France                                                                                      14


Top 3:

Museum of science

Jordan’s furniture and ride their roller coaster and movie          

Canabie lake park



  1. Just us four has a Christmas concert Thursday Dec 6th 7:30 in the great room. Free food and drink!
  2. John W. lost his D&D players handbook 2, with character sheets in the front. He is offering $5 for the safe return of it.
  3. Kristina is going to see the Golden Compass next week after the party
  4. Dave K. says we will go to france. Seriously. Bottle is hucked at dave’s head. Pat apologizes. Dave doesn’t accept it. Ooooh.
  5. Gus’s movie night is going to be sci fi/ fantasy movies. Either Willow or the 5th element. See Gus!
  6. Nick likes chicken
  7. John M., wants more boffer combat. Pat wants to see more boobies.
  8. Chris delays the meeting.
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Minutes 11/16/2007 [19 Nov 2007|11:04am]


Attendance: Jess, Dave K., Dave S., Bill, Sarah, Sam, Kristina, Pat, Gus, Erin, Mullet. Chris, John W., Bama, John M., Casarra, John K., Samantha, Geoff, Kristy.


  1. Valid suggestions in the box! 1. Please don’t be so hard on chatter, it makes meetings. Reason: there was an instance a few week ago from one or two people. 2. Why is a non-eboard member sitting in the vp seat acting like gavel? Reason: There are no assigned seats, and gavel more korbey! *pokepoke*
  2. NECRA library access list is done!
  3. T-Shirts! Anyone who wants a shirt, please tell Erin your shirt size if you have not already. As soon as we get a check, the shirts will be ordered. They should arrive before Christmas.
  4. Secret Santa name draw. Wheeee. It will be held Dec 7th.
  5. Korbey is still running his yankee swap after the NECRA meeting. All fun, silly gifts. Minimum of 23 presents. He will be buying gifts. Not just NECRA people attending. See Korbey if you want to participate.
  6. Possible overthrow of student senate by all of the other clubs. We will have 40% for next semester. There are clubs doing petitions going around about treasurer policy. We can go to the meeting and voice our upset feelings. Tuesday Dec 3rd(?) at 7pm in the Simon center board room. Submit ideas on how to spend our money (oh boy, suggestion box!), or email. IBC root beers are delicious and expensive.
  7. Trip ideas are postponed until the budget is worked out.
  8. Destresser this Monday 6pm-2am
  9. Movie night in the works.
  10. Geoff is working on a chess tourney for next semester
  11. Warhammer. Dave promises it will be better for next semester!
  12. Guitar hero tourney was last night. Only 4 out of 8 people showed, but it was still fun. The winner got a $50 gift certificate to Pops, Jess for a $25 gift certificate to Boarders.
  13. Bill’s Vampire larp is December 1st
  14. Carolyn is still selling books
  15. Kickball/tag?



  1. Remind your professors to get their book orders in if you want money selling your books back
  2. New Englander came out, its awesome! Still looking for writers.
  3. No one is signed up for fallout yahoo group. Talk to Kyle if you don’t know how to sign up for it.
  4. Dave and Kyle had an epiphany! They are working on making a massive role-playing game on Neverwinters nights 1.
  5. December 1st, Vampire larp! New players that are interested, talk to Bill. This game will be fairly explosive and exciting.
  6. New independent cinema on Main street, Concord. There is a student discount if you have your ID. Stadium seating, rocker chairs, cheap food! They do sell alcohol if you are legal. And they have sammiches!
  7. Don’t kill the poor setite, who are just trying to get by in life.
  8. Geoff will not be running this upcoming Tuesday.
  9. Beowulf is coming out this weekend! If you read the book it will be horrible. Plenty of sex, violence and destruction. It is playing in the IMAX, it is apparently better in 3D
  10. Bama is looking for a ride to Manchester. He needs to be there by 8am on Tuesday.
  11. Please come see the show The Brothers Menaechmus in the main stage theatre. Thursday, November 15 - Saturday, November 17 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, November 18 at 3:00 p.m. $7 a ticket
  12. Dave likes chicken?
  13. Dave S., is willing to run his D&D game tonight.
  14. Out to dinner after the meeting? As long as NECRA pays for it…
There is no Article 9

Minutes for 11/09/2007 [09 Nov 2007|04:23pm]


Attendance: Jess, Dave S., Chris, Pat, Sam, Mullet, Erin, Becky, Cody, John K., Gus, Dave K., Samantha, Geoff (smooth legs), Casarra, John M., Coco, John W., Bill, Bama, Mikkel.


  1. New Member! Welcome Mikkel!
  2. Suggestion box comments: excessive chatting during meetings. Be careful, or else. Gavel means be quiet. Please raise your hands before shouting out.
  3. The purple people eater lives!
  4. T-Shirt orders! Yay! Shirts look exactly the same, except for the new addition to the back, “10 years and still rolling”.
  5. Christmas is kinda sorta coming up. Vote on if we want a secret Santa or Yankee swap. Secret Santa: 10 Yankee swap: 5 abstentions: 2 Secret Santa it is! If you are interested in participating in gift giving, please actually get a present.
  6. Trip ideas for next semester. Mount cardigan NH for a day hike, Museum of science, Jordan’s furniture and ride their roller coaster, Hooters, Plymouth state college role-playing convention, Planetarium in concord, Camping at sarahs idea, Taco bell trip, Six Flags New England, Icon new york, go see Sweeny Todd, Canabie lake park, see the Golden Compass, Kyle’s aunts house in Maine for canoeing and rope swinging, France, upstairs.
  7. Campus wide movie night next semester. Still going for stardust passes 15-0-2.
  8. Dance next semester? Resounding no.
  9. Chess tournament for next semester, ladder style (Sam demands credit). Kusy suggests Star Trek chess. John W. gets boo’ed.
  10. V for Vendetta was returened. Only about 20 people showed up. Some non-NECRA members showed up. Jess scared some random person that was there.
  11. Warhammer update: John K.’s car is war hammer storage. Call Korbey if you want to play.
  12. Games that are running that people can join: D&D for newbs soon.
  13. Vampire Larp! December 1st. be there or be square.
  14. Fallout larp: only person that has joined the yahoo group was Adam. The rules are all figured out. Can’t write plot if no one is interested >_>. Geoff, Cody, John and Adam knows how to make characters. You can only be humans, weak robots. Kyle may make you be an assistant if making a character is too hard. Go to the website to sign up.
  15. Pat’s larp, TBA.
  16. Possible Warhammer campaign.
  17. Carolyn is still selling books
  18. Guitar hero tournament is Nov. 15 starting at 7 or 8 pm.



  1. Samantha needs people to help organize a possible getting a pool for the school.
  2. Vampire larp Dec 1st. Talk to Bill for making a character.
  3. Warning: anyone planning on playing in the simon center tonight, the great room has been taking over by teachers, and the sayce lounge is being taken over by the president.
  4. New Englander internships! It’s credits, can replace senior thesis in some majors. Those interested email whomestead@nec.edu.
  5. Kusy is trying to run Dungeons and discourse, instead of classes, you adopt a philosophy. Serious players interested, talk to Kusy.
  6.  Nick likes chicken.
  7. The Brothers Menaechmus is showing in the main stage theatre. Thursday, November 15 - Saturday, November 17 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, November 18 at 3:00 p.m.
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Salem, LARPing, Dracula, funnel cake… [09 Nov 2007|11:56am]

 It's all in my funny book about Dracula and vampires in history and culture -- Sundays with Vlad (www.vladlives.com ).  I go LARPing in Louisville with the Cam, and I give the story a funny but respectful treatment, while completely outing myself as a "Friend of Gygax."  We also learn how Vlad Dracula may have been meaner and crazier than Courtney Love during an intervention... but the guy was smeared.

Check out the book, or come by my blog and say hello (http://paulbibeau.livejournal.com).

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NECRA minutes November 2, 2007 [02 Nov 2007|04:04pm]


NECRA minutes November 2, 2007


Attendance: Jess, Cubed, Annette, Dave S., Erin, Chris, Bama, John W., Coco, Gus, John K., Laura, Pat, Sam


  1. Where is everyone?
  2. No access list for NECRA library yet.
  3. Another chess tournament. Ideas for prizes. More chess boards, prostitutes. Vote on whether we want another one next week. Stay tuned!
  4. Magic games going? Dave would be happy to play Magic with people.
  5. Open house, a week from tomorrow, Saturday, November 10th from 11-1. Need 2-4 people for the table.
  6. Another destressor before thanksgiving break? Several people say yes. Possibly another one before the end of the semester?
  7. Christmas Secret Santa or Yankee swap? Voting on what we want to do next week.
  8. Warhammer Thursdays. People have been busy.
  9. Guitar Hero 2 tournament. Still in the works. Still going to be November 15th. Rules are in the works. Megan said she will make posters, we just need to hang them up.
  10. Shirt update! Kyle and Erin went to Manchester to research shirts. There is a place in the mall which is crappy and expensive. We are going with the one Coco thought of, Customink.com. Coco is awesome. Black and white lettering $10-11-ish a shirt, and free shipping! Apparently, there is no problem of just giving out shirts unless you are already graduated. That is the word from the current treasurer of student senate. You want a shirt, come to next weeks meeting.
  11. Carolyn is still selling books
  12. V for Vendetta is this Sunday at 9:30 pm



  1. New Englander is looking for writers. Writing, marketing, photo, and financial internships are in the works. Contact William Holmstead if you are interested.
  2. This evening in east 331 there will be a Family Guy marathon after dinner. Everyone is welcome to come and hang out. Touch John’s computer and die.
  3. Nick likes chicken
  4. Cubed is here! Happy Birthday (yesterday)!
  5. Dave S., might not be running, boo.
  6. I add an a to Coco. *poof*
There is no Article 9

Minutes for 10/19/2007 [19 Oct 2007|03:54pm]




Attendance: Jess, Annette, Chuck, Brenda, Erin, Sadie, Mullet, Bill, Gus, John W., Coco, Pat, Chris, John M., Casarra. Kristy, Nick, Geoff (late!), Samantha (late!), Becky (late!), Dave S. (late!),


  1. Nothing in suggestion box
  2. Access list is still in the works.
  3. King Richards Faire was fun. Gus shook the giant red things hand, and it was fun. The juggler was funny.
  4. Gordon hasn’t had anyone come to learn Magic. If anyone else wants to take over planning the Magic tourney, go for it.
  5. Reminders: Hayride is tonight! NERO is tonight! Yay!
  6. SOUP dance is next Friday! Tickets are $3 each. You can buy them in the simon center. If you wish to help set up, set up will start at 3 pm.
  7. Carolyn is still selling books.
  8. V for Vendetta, Sunday Nov 4th.
  9. Chess tourney is at the coffee house this Tuesday at 7pm. Or go and visit Coco if you don’t want to see chess.



  2. sci fi fantasy film class is showing the rocky horror picture show in cei on Halloween. John thinks there will be actors. If you throw things, you have to have to have to have to clean up afterwards.
  3. Cody has donations for necra library, star wars and D&D
  4. Becky is starting a campaign. (Fearless warrior is becky, who knew?) it’s a 7th level game. Talk to Becky is you want to play.
  5. Geoff wants you! To go to the chess tournament on Oct. 23rd.
  6. Nick likes chicken
  7. Bill’s game is temporarily on hiatus. He is planning on running in two weeks.
  8. Kim says "ROOOOOOOOOAR!!! =^_^="
  9. Jess delays the meeting 1…2…3…
There is no Article 9

10/12/2007 [12 Oct 2007|04:21pm]


Attendance: Jess, Dave S., Gus, Brenda, Geoff, Erin, Mullet, John K., Chris, Bama, Samantha, Kristy, Sadie, Pat, Sam, Nick, John W.


  1. Nick’s surprise: He’s a WW1 terrorist.
  2. Suggestion box comments: 1. John Wilson is awesome, 2. people shouldn’t write thing like john Wilson is awesome in the box.
  3. T-shirts haven’t been obtained yet, Erin didn’t make it to Manchester.
  4. NECRA group website has a calendar on it. DM’s and put games and such on it!
  5. John is working on an access list for the NECRA library.
  6. Asa suggested not getting anything storage wise, but he is looking into us getting a trailer.
  7. SOUP dance. Vote on if we want to give them $150. vote passes 14-0-3
  8. Come to the SOUP meeting next Thursday at 6 in the sayce lounge if you want to help out with the dance. The Masquerade is on Oct 26th, 7-11pm.
  9. Chess tournament. Oct 23rd at 7pm. A Lego chess set and a Simpson’s chess set have been ordered as prizes. Sign up sheet is in the charter hallway on the student involvement office door, next to the coffeehouse.
  10. V for Vendetta! Megan ordered it the other day. We are going to show it a little earlier so the café is still open when it starts, and so the big bang happens at midnight. November the 4th, starting around 9:48 pm
  11. Reminder: Hayride is next weekend. They are dropping stuff off this Monday, anyone who wants to help unload talk to Erin. Bad news: no pirate ship. But we can still do the crazy doctor thing.
  12. King Richard’s Faire, tomorrow! Meet 9am in front of the Simon Center. Yay bus. 5 spaces are still open!
  13. NERO is also next weekend. Rachel desperately needs NPC’s. It is free the first time you go, $20 for a year pass.
  14. Carolyn is still selling books. Contact her through the yahoo group.



  1. If anyone is interested in the fallout larp, talk to Kyle. He also made a yahoo group, the books are posted, and then he can figure out who wants to play. the link is in an email Kyle sent, and the link is in the link section as well.
  2. John is in his happy place
  3. Anyone in Geoff’s Tuesday game, he may or may not be running.
  4. Becky is starting her D&D campaign this semester. Dave will also be starting his, and they will be switching off each week.
  5. Nick likes chicken.
  6. Jess delays the meeting 1..2..3..
There is no Article 9

Minutes 9/28/2007 [29 Sep 2007|02:41pm]


Attendance: Jess, Erin, Dave S., Zach, Coco, John K., Leanna, Chris, Geoff, Cassara, John M., Gus, Kristy, Samantha, Sam, Nick, Pat, John W., Sadie, Crystal, Tom, Joe, Janine, Laura


  1. We have a new member, Crystal! She’s the strong quiet type.
  2. Suggestion box comments: happy birthday Erin.
  3. Trip reimbursement concerns. If something is deemed a necra event, you get about .35 per mile for gas. The amount of people in a car doesn’t matter
  4. NECRA website updated hopefully soon.
  5. Nerf guns, what’s the deal. The official policy is that nothing is changed. Air guns are not allowed on campus. You can still wander around campus with nerf guns. Be nice to students and campus security, be smart about your nerf gun use. Don’t use nerf guns in the dorm, it is considered a dorm sport and you could end up flooding your dorm and causing massive destruction!
  6. FYI: Posters. if anyone wants posters for any events, Korbey volunteers and can use his RA contacts for free color printing. We have a necra budget with Dana Unger, and will distribute posters for us (aka, Sadie will be a gopher and put out posters for us)  
  7. FYI: NECRA constitution will be emailed out once it is updated.
  8. Updates: Chris, Erin and Kyle went to Halloween hayride meeting. The event is October 19th and 20th. We can do our display however we want. They need pirates for the pirate ship a few sites. John will be the ninja fighting the pirates. Mike may need volunteers to hand out food for the kiddies. For costume goodies, Wal-Mart, target, there is a specality store in the mall of new Hampshire in Manchester, Spencer’s, hot topic, exit 3 off 89, if you make a right there is a costume shop, good will store and a pair of scissors.
  9. SOUP Dance update. Meetings Wednesdays at 6 pm in the café area. Contact Jill Cooney if you want to help decorate and food prep the day of.
  10. Guitar Hero tourney. Megan is organizing on her own maybe on top of our own. Gordon is trying to figure things out.
  11. Magic tourney. Gordon doesn’t have a date yet. List of people who wants to learn went around.
  12. Chess tourney. No date yet. Geoff has a meeting with Megan next week. Joe suggests a gift certificate to checkmate pizza *ba dum ting*
  13. Movie night. V for Vendetta. Still in the works, we just need our budget. Megan said it would be $300 plus S&H. Suggestion for places to holding the movie: main stage theater, great room, and field house.  
  14. Coco is silly
  15. Warhammer Thursdays (still on Thursdays). Plenty of room for people to learn how to play.
  16. Reminders: Pat and Dave’s mortal larp oct 6th

Oct 27th(?) bills vampire larp

Valiant this weekend

NERO 19-21st of oct. email erin if you want to go

Carolyn is still selling white wolf books. You can contact her through the yahoo group.

NECRA tag!

Any receipts from necra events, give them to Geoff to get reimbursed.

When you take out books from the NECRA library, please write down your name and date, and try not to keep them too long.

  1. Voting!
    1. Nick had a suggestion if we would like to go in on an event. They are showing invisible children, a movie about various militant coalitions in Africa are stealing children to train them for their armies. All we would be doing is buying soda for it, and it is to raise money for the cause. Would we want to go in on it? Vote passes 14-2-3
    2. Vote on Article 11. (wording read during the meeting). Do we like the wording? Vote passes 17-0-1
    3. Possibly change the names of NECRA eboard positions (excluding ambassador)

Suggestions: a) President: captain VP: Number 1 Treasurer: financial officer secretary: tactical officer

b)President: captain VP: lieutenant

c)Keep it the same

d) Keep it the same on paper, but different in the meeting.

e) erin, geoff, jess, john [keep it informal (coco: have it carry over every year)]

f) zach likes the number 1 idea

this has been brought up before, but never made official. Ideas from the past, Czar, El presidente.

            Vote: Changing it: 4

                        Against changing it: 11

                        Abstentions: 5


    1. Trips. Camping in Maine at Kyle’s aunts – 10 votes , king Richards faire - 12, France (what?) - 5, mount cardigan state park - 6, Montréal - 7, campground way up north - 7, funspot – 9, chunkies - 5, canabie lake park - 4, MIT museum – 9, space center - 4, charmingfair farm – 0, Burka – 6.

Final four: Kyle’s aunts in Maine - 2, funspot - 3, MIT museum - 5, King Richards faire - 9. So when do we want to go? The week before the Hayride (mid semester break) vote passes 11-1-7.

Saturday: 8

Sunday: 3

NECRA Trip: King Richards Faire, Saturday October 13th!!


1.      Round of applause for people who are helping to start events

2.      Paintball tourney in Hillsboro this Sunday.

3.      Erin needs help with her photo project, people fighting with boffers.

4.      Dave: people should go to chen’s kitchen! Or people should go to Sonny’s

5.      Today is the 25th anniversary of the invention of the care bear.

6.      Dave is not running his game tomorrow. Joe will be running a game when he says so…

7.      NECRA girls night out maybe sometime in the future…

8.      Nick likes chicken

9.      John has to go to work, loser… (just kidding!)

10.   Pat’s larp falls on parent’s weekend.

11.  For the masquerade (October 26th) Jill is going crazy doing everything. (See letter I) either email her or show up at the soup meeting Thursdays at 6 in the Sayce lounge for more information.

12.  Zach misses everyone (except for the freshmen) and we miss him too!

13.  Becky suggested Pirate vs. Ninja theme on Halloween. Possible staged battle somewhere.

14.  Hayride profits are being donated to a snowmobile accident victim.

15.  Idea to organize a book drive

16.  idea to set up boxes around campus saying NECRA food drive to donate to the food pantry. There is some group on campus that usually does this, possible team up, or wait to do it for after the holidays. Donating jackets as well as food too.

17.  Considered embezzling to buy food and donate it to a charity.

18.  In place of Gordon, Jess delays the meeting 1…2…3…

There is no Article 9

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